Transaction F387E6DC2F3BC8CB1796849108BE38A4538E2B81FF36A228D11816C702D39F94
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TxHash: 3045022100E279C25325B91143A1230B6EA132B226D988FCABFB1B26CA52282A07940647FE02200C6687067D5C3713C4C7CE1C3F7E12E369B8FB4A08FB8D4C454B2B29700404FB
Title: full of lies
Review: the najm salesman standing and chasing people in carrefour tell too much lies last year i got scammed by one of the salesman in carrefour MOE, the guy gave me najm platinum plus card and after a month they added 420 AED in my card along with my spendings, so i met this guy again
TxReceipt Status: Success
Block Height: 396
TimeStamp: 5 months ago