Transaction C8A089D3DEA83FE4049B3F52C7EA13B8D71C153E5720033E69B911333309577D
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TxHash: 304402202F0F614E5E99AD30B94ADD80BC5E9E98F29B7D6481EBDF1558F26BA5B8902B9C02205F0632B1BB70D8EB9237670D4C7AE766990C94A9ED4C60468F7D99C7545BD2AB
Title: Excellent Job
Review: I’m a builder. I used different roofers before and always had problem with leakage specially in winter time and that was ruining my reputation plus all the headaches of fixing the problems from the roof to insulation and drywall but since I used Roofing Pros for few projects,
TxReceipt Status: Success
Block Height: 458
TimeStamp: 4 months ago